from by The Wet Secrets



It’s a happy little number about general scumbaggery, internet dependance (who moi?) and craving the outdoors when it’s fucking freezing (like it pretty much always is in Edmonton).


Is this your favourite thing?
Dwelling on what might have been
Fuck the future!
Stay inside with that hood rat behaviour
I really don't mind

Paranoia reigns and you got down with the chemicals
I saw your eyes
Wider than saucers and higher than high
Well, talk is cheap but silence is cheaper
You should try it some time
Just close your mouth and pantomime

I want to die in the sunlight
I want to die in the day
I want to die in the sunshine
In the city

I woke up with a headache and
The sun was beating down on my skin
Red and peeling, eyes are bleeding
I'm out of my skull
Pass the lotion now before the sun sets on my mind
And I am forced to go inside again
With some territorial bullshit dispenser
I'm out on my own
I'd rather go outside and die alone

I want to die in the sunlight
I want to die in the day
I want to die in the sunshine
In the city

Dark troubling clouds appear
As we reach the end I hear
I don't want to haunt these
Darkened corridors
I never wanted to live forever
But as predictable as the weather
You can never really be sure
How you're gonna go

To the light I will go, I suppose


from Free Candy, released February 4, 2014
Lyle Bell / Paul Arnusch / Kim Rackel / Emma Frazier / Trevor Anderson



all rights reserved


The Wet Secrets Edmonton, Alberta

The Wet Secrets are a six-piece rock 'n roll gang fueled by a primal, fuzzy punk rock spirit, and steered by a love of slinky disco, art rock, 70's horns and AM gold songwriting. They have a well-established reputation for a phenomenal, sweaty live show. ... more

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